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Part A Of Medicare

Part A and Part B are the two components of Original Medicare. The first part of the plan, Medicare Part A, covers care given to beneficiaries in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, or home. It is the component of Medicare that will assist with costs related to inpatient care because it is primarily focused on hospital expenses. Anyone who has worked in the US for at least 10 years and reaches the age of 65 is also automatically eligible. The law says that providers and doctors must send Medicare claims for services, but patients don’t have to do this.

Signing a Contract

Medicare Coverages Under Part A

Inpatient hospital services and care are well-covered by Medicare Part A. Fees for food, nursing care, semi-private rooms, medications, and other services offered by the hospital. Any of the following may be included in these facilities:


  • hospitals with limited access

  • hospitals offering ongoing care

  • acute-care facilities

  • Facilities for inpatient rehabilitation
    Care for mental health

  • taking part in an approved clinical research study

The cost of a private room, private nursing care, or personal care items is one of the things that Medicare Part A does not cover. If you require blood, the hospital will ordinarily not charge you unless they have to buy the blood. You will be responsible for only the first three units you receive in a calendar year.


Home health care services can also be advantageous when prescribed by your doctor. A few of these are speech-language pathology services, durable medical equipment, medical social services, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Medicare Part A does not pay for homemaker services, meals, or 24-hour care expenses.


Part A usually pays for stays in skilled nursing facilities after a long qualifying stay of more than three days in an inpatient wing of a hospital. A doctor or nurse must also say that you need care from a skilled facility and can’t get it at home. The following services may be provided while there and be covered by Medicare:

  • Meals

  • social and medical services

  • In private room

  • therapeutic services

  • dietary guidance

  • transport in an ambulance to the doctor.

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